Virtual VOIP PBX Phone system

MNF VPABX What is Virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX is a virtual phone service which delivers the features and capabilities of a PBX telephone system without you having to own and maintain expensive PBX equipment.

It helps you eliminate up-front capital investment, installation, and on-going operating expenses related to your business phone system.

A Virtual PBX telephone system can be self-managed via a user-friendly web portal, provides a host of handy features, and helps you significantly reduce your communications spend!

A virtual PBX is:

  • Ideal for small to medium sized offices
  • No need to buy or maintain expensive PBX equipment
  • Delivers enhanced calling features and capabilities for no additional fees, including voicemail to email, auto-attendant, and call groups
  • Unlimited number of users, but only pay for the number of voice lines you need
  • Very quick and easy to install and maintain.
  • Delivers lower call costs.

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