Intermediate and Administrator Training

(Training at each level is optimised to be delivered as one four-hour session or two two-hour sessions.)

Intermediate Training

  • Maximizer revision exercises
  • Looking deeper into your data: advanced Searching
  • Saving your searches in the Search Catalogue and Favourite Lists
  • Personalising how you see your data: creating Column Views
  • Creating and circulating Maximizer Reports
  • Using Graphs to report on your data
  • Track your incoming and outgoing Phone Calls
  • Creating templates and mail merging with the Maximizer Word Processor / Microsoft Word
  • Sending, receiving and saving your E-mails
  • Recording relationships in your database with Related Entries
  • Using the Marketing Library
  • Access your customer Web sites instantly
  • Exporting data into Excel

Administering Maximizer

  • Setting up User Defined Fields
  • Establishing User Preferences and Security
  • Editing multiple records with Global Edit
  • Transferring records between databases
  • Backup strategies and methods