Maximizer CRM 12


Increase sales performance, build your sales pipeline, improve forecast accuracy, and empower your staff to develop the customer relationships that ensure sales success.
Maximizer CRM provides you with a sales force automation solution that lets you stay focused on the revenue-generating activities and opportunities that will drive your business forward.

Optimize opportunities and drive revenue

  • „Prospect and generate new leads with the ability to search, view and link directly to a contact’s or company’s LinkedIn profile from Maximizer. „ Automatically assign leads and accounts based on customizable criteria to  ensure high potential opportunities flow to the appropriate teams and reps
  • Increase leads and close more deals by viewing and focusing on opportunities with the greatest potential (i.e. shortest lead time, highest revenue, highest  probability)
  • Update customer, lead and sales information through multiple access options — Web, desktop or mobile devices (BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile ®, Apple® iPhone,™ or other devices)

Build customer relationships for long-term success

  • Access a complete history and 360-degree view of customer interactions and activity including emails, calls, notes, product purchases and any recent service tickets created
  • Build complete customer and prospect profiles by capturing direct links to external websites and social media profiles (blogs, Twitter streams, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Document the entire history of each customer’s lifecycle — tracking conversations, transactions and incidents to help deliver greater value over time
  • Manage unlimited companies and contacts, profiled using your choice of custom user-defined fields, such as lead source, industry, company size, products of interest, and personal preferences
  • Access popular programs directly from within Maximizer CRM, such as Microsoft® Outlook® for email, calendar and tasks, Word® for letters and quotes, and Excel® for importing data and exporting reports

Gain real-time insight into your sales pipeline and performance

  • Gain instant views of business metrics with an automated dashboard template that you can use right out of the box or customize to capture your own unique key performance indicators
  • Maximize your wins by forecasting accurately, tracking deal status and driving your team to move opportunities through the sales pipeline
  • Analyze opportunities and adjust strategy accordingly with reports that deliver instant insight through sales pipeline funnels, lead summaries and forecast analysis
  • Customize your own reports with leading business intelligence tools including Crystal Reports® and Microsoft SSRS, or utilize over 175 pre-formatted reports


Create targeted, measurable, cost-effective campaigns with the powerful built-in campaign
manager, featuring comprehensive email, fax and print marketing functionality. Maximizer
CRM gives marketers the power to generate high quality leads, engage customers with
timely and relevant communications, identify trends and optimize ROI.  Execute marketing campaigns that drive response

  • Send targeted, relevant and personalized information to your contacts, such as newsletters, product announcements, promotions and event invitations through automated email, fax or printcampaigns
  • Target customers and prospects quickly with relevant content using easy profiling and list management
  • Ensure that every lead is followed up on by scheduling a series of personalized, dynamic email messages based on prospect or customer actions and profiles
  • Tailor your messages and create targeted lists to send scheduled, multi-phase campaigns
  • Refine campaigns and target more effectively
  • Fine-tune your campaigns with insight gained from a snapshot or detailed view of campaign performance — including email open and click-through rates, plus status of leads and sales opportunities
  • Nurture relationships with a series of time-based, relevant messages triggered by specific actions such as a web site download, purchase, service incident or inquiry
  • Merge customer information with quick sales email templates to enable efficient and timely follow-up
  • Comply with privacy, do-not-call and anti-spam legislation and avoid costly noncompliance penalties with system enforcements in email marketing

Spend marketing dollars wisely by measuring results

  • Easily determine your ROI on each marketing campaign and interpret response rates to quickly identify successful tactics
  • Effectively measure marketing ROI with the ability to associate an opportunity with a particular campaign
  • Make informed decisions regarding future marketing spend and redirect resources to initiatives that generate proven returns
  • Set KPIs and determine campaign effectiveness based on chosen criteria (i.e. number of opportunities, opportunity revenue, etc.)